Dermagen iQ Benefits

Skin Care technology is booming with the latest discovery which involves using the skin stem cell technology. Skin stem cells are the vital criteria towards restoring and producing new and healthy skin cells. As a matter of fact, skin stem cells are limited in expectancy and as you age they get less active and reduce in production. This proves to be one of the primary causes that result to skin aging. Moreover, as the process of aging catches up, the production towards the generation of new skin cells is slowed down this also includes depletion of the key barrier lipids. Hence the skin is prone to environmental stress which easily gets affected by cold and harsh UV rays of the sun. As you are well aware that the harsh rays of the sun has a direct impact on the skin and gets dry, which accelerates the process of aging. Here’s introducing Dermagen iQ in a new anti aging formula based on natural ingredients like Vitamin C, Glycerin and Cucumber Extract.

All the benefits of Dermagen iQ are explained below.

Dermagen iQ Slows Premature Skin Aging

The combination of ingredients like Vitamin C, Glycerin and Cucumber Extract in Dermagen iQ creates a powerful formula which helps towards regeneration of new skin stem cells and enhances the skin barriers functions. Dermagen iQ helps to protect and repair the skin and also defies the signs of chronological aging, which leaves your skin fresh, healthy and vibrant.

Dermagen iQ Reduces Wrinkles And Fine Lines

Dermagen iQ is formulated using a unique blend of ingredients which are designed and created in such a way that the cream feels non-greasy and less heavy. The best time of application is to a clean face before you apply any makeup. The cream helps to retain the skin moisture and it is also responsible for protecting the skin against various environmental conditions which are the primary cause of skin aging. It is also responsible for preventing damages that are caused due to movement of free radicals. Dermagen iQ helps to fill up visible fine lines and hence reduces the appearance of these lines drastically. It also helps to protect and enhance the quality of your skin.

Dermagen iQ Benefits

Dermagen iQ Strengthens Skin

Dermagen iQ place of the vital role of skin strength training. Just like your human body, the skin works the best during night hours and helps towards repairing, restoring and regenerating skin cells during sleep hours at night. It helps the skin towards moisture recovery. The unique blend of powerful ingredients helps to penetrate over the course for several hours. Moreover, Dermagen iQ also contains the highest concentration of anti aging compounds which has proved its worth of being highly beneficial towards skin care especially with regards to restoration and repairing the skin.

Dermagen iQ Benefits Summary

  • Keeps the skin well hydrated and revitalized at all times and protects the skin against the harsh UV rays.
  • Gets rid off blemishes, blotches, and freckles.
  • Tightens the skin. Hence the skin feels toned and lifted.
  • Reduces wrinkles and visible fine lines.

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