Live Young And Feel Young: Antioxidants Are The Key Secret

If you choose to live a disciplined lifestyle by ensuring to consume a healthy and nutritious antioxidant-rich diet, half your battle of fighting the signs of aging is won. You should make sure to consume lots of fruits and vegetables in your daily diet as they prove to pump your body with antioxidants which are not only healthy for your body but also promote a healthy skin care option.  Apart from a healthy diet, there are various disciplinary lifestyle factors which are essential to promote healthy skin care. These are – maintaining a daily routine of good exercises, avoid smoking, avoid excessive consumption of alcohol, protect your skin against the harsh rays of the sun, and protect your skin against dirt and pollution. Lastly, the best and most important option is to fuel up your body with a highly rich and nutritive antioxidant diet.

Antioxidant diet should comprise of right quantity of fresh fruits and vegetables which ensure to keep your skin healthy and well moisturized. Hence your skin is in a better position to maintain its glow. Research has further stated that people who managed to stick to a healthy antioxidant-rich diet, looked healthier and attractive vis-à-vis people who maintained an unhealthy diet. Antioxidants pump your body with carotenoids which can be found in abundance in foods like, carrots, pumpkins and red peppers. These boost the skins yellow, red and orange tones. Studies conducted by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has stated that by adding Vitamin C to the daily diet has helped the skin to fight the signs of aging as it helps to combat the dryness issues. Vitamin C boosts the collagen levels in the body and ensures to skin is well hydrated and moisturized. Hence it is always recommended to provide your skin with proper attention right from the very beginning so that you do not face the problem of looking older to your age as time goes on.

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