Old Habits Which Are Responsible For Aged Look

  • Some of you may have the habit of sleeping on one side of your stomach for a long time. Even though you feel in a comfortable position to lie on one side of your stomach, you do not realize the fact that the face gets pressed for a longer period time against your pillow. This accelerates the wrinkle formation and also leads to visible fine lines. The solution here is to make use of a softer pillow. This helps to reduce the pressure on the face.
  • Rubbing of your eyes causes a tired look to reflect on your face. By pulling and rubbing your eyes you break the tiny capillaries which are present in and around the skin. These capillaries are highly delicate around the eyes. This is also responsible for causing dark circles which eventually is a sign of aging that makes you look old and ugly.

  • Ensure to consume 7-10 glasses of water on a daily basis. Water ensures to keep your skin hydrated. A well-hydrated body is a very moisturized and nourished skin which helps to stop and reverse skin aging.
  • Maintain a healthy weight. Some people tend to gain weight then lose it and regain it again. This cycle of weight loss method has ill effects on the skin. Gaining and losing weight is responsible for stretching the skin and hence the elasticity of the skin is lost. Thus the skin is made to sag. Sagging of skin is a vivid sign of aging.
  • Sugar and sugary foods are the worst aspects of your skin. It is not only very harmful to your health but also responsible for causing dryness to the skin which eventually leads to various signs of aging to reflect on the skin.

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